FSD Academy - Alternative Provision

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FSD Academy now offer Alternative Provision for year 7-11 students in the form of our unique three layer approach (sport, life skils and education). This is built on the success of our BTEC 16+ Diploma, where highlights from our programme so far include; 93% attendance in our academy versus 60% previous attendance at secondary  school and all 21 first year boys passing the BTEC level 2 diploma, despite most of them failing to pass a single GCSE at secondary school.  However, the most noticeable difference in our students is their engagement, confidence, self-esteem and social skills. We put this down to our determined approach to connect with, and believe in all individuals; irrespective of their background, character, circumstances or current abilities.


With sport a common area of interest for many students, they will have the chance to improve technically, physically, tactically, socially and psychologically within a variety of sports that match the needs of the group / individuals.  The FSD timetable provides enough structure for progress across the three areas of sport, life skills and education, whilst allowing enough flexibility to maximise engagement.


With life skills as a central link to all development at FSD,  tutors and coaches try to challenge students to explore and build qualities they never knew they had. Our life skills programme includes; opportunities for working as a team, trips and visits (such as LCFC), themed workshops, role-plays and inspiring ‘let’s talk’ sessions from guest speakers. These have included a Sergeant Major from the armed forces, a professional UFC fighter, ex. professional footballers and a school Head Teacher. Powerful topics within these sessions have included; self-discipline, controlling aggression, responsibility, reaching your potential,  managing expectations, dealing with setbacks, dedication and emotional intelligence.

In addition to specific sessions and events we feel that ‘living’ life skills on a daily basis is just as important, with a constant focus on positive thinking, manners, respect and behaviour; along with appropriate greeting and
interaction with tutors, coaches,  students and visitors. 


In the FSD Alternative Provision we acknowledge that education in a traditional setting has proven challenging for our students. We therefore aim to re-engage them, by listening to your feedback and getting to know the students individually. It may be possible that the alternative environment allows us to support curriculum based learning, but with the flexibility of 'sandwiching' it between sports or life skills activities (E.g. gym, then maths, then football). Otherwise, we may use an alternative approach through themed learning in areas of interest. For example, we may not call it reading, but we would use a book to discover more about Pep Guardiola. We might not call it English, but we would talk and write about a film or documentary. We might even make, edit and add text/credits to a film in iMovie. We might not call it maths, but we would analyse sports statistics. In some cases, a sports and mentoring only approach can be taken to allow some respite from traditional education which may continue on other days in your setting. Another initiative that we have established recently is homework support; students get a chance to complete homework in a supportive environment. In summary, we can develop a re-engagement programme to suit the needs of your students; from 1 to 5 days per week.


Written feedback and evidence of attendance can be provided for all regular students in our alternative provision in order to determine certification of our bespoke, entry level award.  This will include any mixture of sport, life skills and education as appropriate; enabling students to experience pride and success in their achievements. Upon completion, students are eligible to progress into our accredited, level 1, 2 and 3 sports leadership qualifications from 14+. This, in turn provides direction and the option of a continued pathway onto our BTEC Diploma at 16+ which can lead to employment or university. Functional skills and GCSE re-sits in English and Maths are also available at 16+.

We can accept students into our alternative provision from 1-5 days per week. Contact us >