FSD Academy - Life Skills / Mentor Programme

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The development of life skills is linked with all training and educational aspects of the course and tries to challenge all of our trainees to explore and build qualities they never thought they had. The programme includes inspirational guest speakers and non football skilled work shops delivered by professional individuals. Our life skills program helps to prepare all of our trainees for the big wide world of adulthood. We cover everything from: living alone, future planing, job interviews, valued work experience opportunities (paid and voluntary), power of self discipline, enrichment classes, understanding emotional intelligence, drugs/gambling and abuse workshops, managing money, cooking and many more areas.

The FSD Academy is proud to have secured valued links in to local primary schools where our trainees plan, create and deliver football, fitness and multi-sports sessions to the children and start to build those very valuable interactive social skills needed in todays society. They also deliver sports sessions to the local community, building important ties and relationships, all on a voluntary basis.


Some of our supremely talented trainees/students will be solely focused on joining our programme to become a professional footballer and that’s fine (we will endeavour to support and develop them to achieve those aspirations.) But some of our trainees might have a passion for football/sport but are self aware and understand they don’t have the ability to ever become a top flight footballer and that’s also fine; we welcome all abilities at the FSD Academy, for these boys the programme will help them become the very best footballer they can become, along with providing an excellent education and installing important life skills and confidence to go out and achieve something.

Other boy’s may be at a cross-roads in life… Just finished school, not really knowing what they want to do and we feel this is a important time and decision process for them. At our academy they will learn discipline, self awareness, team work, goal setting and many more overlooked everyday skills that will hold them in good stead to go on and achieve something and give them a clearer vision on where their future may lie.